Let me tell you one thing “You shouldn’t come to Vietnam” because you WILL NOT want to leave this Unique Country.

1. Street Food

Hold on! When you ask a Vietnamese people, what is their favorite food besides Vietnamese food, that is a very difficute question for them because you couldn’t find any better places like this to find street food. I am sorry to say that you will face tough choices, you just know that “OMG, so many places to eat, I don’t know where should I eat first???, This so hard to me!!!”. At ANY TIME , ANY PLACES, you’ll find Vietnamese people of all ages congregating under market awnings or outside store fronts, chowing down and enjoying rice noodles, savory pancake, baguette or mixed rice paper together.

How cute is that when you see those little kids help their parents to make some Pancake, make a Vietnamese Bread. The best place to eat in Vietnam is on little plastic stools on the sidewalk. Eating on the street is by far the most exciting way to truly experience daily life in Vietnam. Can’t wait to see what happened in our life, follow me now!!!


Food recommendations


Bánh xèo (Address: 46A  Dinh Cong Trang, district 3, HCMC)

Phở (Address:  413 – 415 Nguyen Trai, District 5, HCMC)

  • HOI AN

Mì quảng (Address: 6A Truong Minh Luong, Hoi An)

Cao lầu and Trà mót (Address: 150 Tran Phu, Hoi An)

  • HA NOI

Bún chả (Address: 34 Hang Thang, Hanoi)

2. Motorbikes

There’s ONE thing for sure, you’ll have never seen anything like this before! Seeing is believing. There are more than 39 million motorbikes in Vietnam, with a large number of vehicles. One of the first and more important things to learn when visiting Vietnam is how to cross the street. If you need to cross the street, start walking with confidence, not too fast, not too slow. Don’t hesitate. Don’t stop in the middle of the road, just keep walking, the motorcyclists will move around you Get on the scooter and move around the traffic is absolutely the best experience ever. There’s a whole new experience just when you’r getting on the scooter on rush hour, feel like “Wowww, what is this placeee??,where I am???, who am i????!!! Im surrounded by the people and motorbikes, help me out!!!

3. Coffee


Try it out NOW!! Take a sip of Vietnamese coffee. It tastes so strong and so good. (I feel like I’m on 9th Cloud )

Vietnam is the second biggest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil. Make sure to drink Vietnamese coffee when you come especially with condensed milk.


Coffee recommendations

Trung Nguyen coffee in Ho Chi Minh city, Coconut coffee at Cong Cafe, Egg Coffee in Hanoi.

4. Vistas


Views of the horizon are magnificent, especially at sunset, all over the country.

Surely to you, take a ride with Saigon After Dark, you can feel the stunning beauty of the city at night time.


5. Taxi

Pass through any street to any alleys. There are some reputable taxi companies in Vietnam that should be on top of your head when you look for one such as Vinasun taxi (The white one with two Green & Red lines) or Mai Linh taxi (Full Green one, like a “walking tree”).

6. Mekong Delta

Are you love enjoying the peace-relaxation-comfort? We have all at Mekong Delta is an area in Southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River dumps into the sea. Traveling up the backwaters, visitors will be wowed by the floating markets and above all else, the friendly people who live in the region. Visitors can go to Can Tho, the largest city in the area, and get a real taste and delicious foods of rural life.

7. Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most picturesque, peaceful places to visit in all of Vietnam. Located in the center of the country, just outside of Danang, Hoi An used to be a flourishing port town from the 15th to the 19th centuries, before the Thu Bon river silted up and basically halted trade in the region. Fortunately in the 1990s, the town was declared a World Heritage site and tourism has since revived the so-called “Venice of Vietnam.” Thanks to the international residents — from the Chinese and Japanese to the French — during the port years, Hoi An boasts a variety of local specialities that you can’t find anywhere else in the country. Dishes like Cao Lau, Quang noodle, Chicken rice are reasons enough to visit Hoi An, and when you factor in the gorgeous, canal-side setting and preserved colonial French architecture, it really does become a national treasure.

A beautiful town. Not only from vivid lanterns in every corner, but also from the brown of clay in Thanh Ha Pottery Village, the green of vegetable in Tra Que village to the blue of Cua Dai river …

8. Fresh food


Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh seafood, fresh fish and fresh meat. They’re just dive into the deep sea, up to the moutains, pass through so many gardens to get!!!! You’ll walk into the food section and see freshly caught fish, snails, crabs and prawns and brace yourself for a fishy smell. But because the fish you see in the market was caught just a few hours ago, you won’t smell a thing.

The meat was butchered no more than four or five hours ago so it doesn’t give off any smell. You can tell it’s super fresh by the bright red color. If you see browning meat, it may be a day old and will cost less.

From bitter melon to morning glory, the vegetables go into everything from shredded salads — like green papaya salad — to stir-fries. Like all the other food you’ll find in Vietnamese markets, everything is super fresh. You’ll also find mangos, soursops, papayas, mangosteens, jack fruits and a fleshy fruits with a bumpy green skin called custard apples, among more familiar fruits like pineapples, bananas and watermelons.


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9. Beaches

Con Dao and Phu Quoc (two famous beaches in Southern Vietnam) are some of the most gorgeous, peaceful and less tourist islands in South East Asia, and travelers would be wise to hurry there now.

10. The people


No need to say!!!! Kindly, thoughtful, industrious, optimistic, generous, happy and friendly — the people are the heart of country, and if you visit, you should take every opportunity to get to know them.They will help you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for spending time on our article, wish you have a memorable time in Vietnam!

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