5 Safety Travel Tips in Ho Chi Minh City



Safe travel tips in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Stick these and you and safe like me!!

1. Be careful when traveling by taxi

Taxi scam is quite popular in Vietnam and such a real concern for many tourists. Some taxi drivers could rip you off and charge you at a very high price. They might choose a longer path or go around to maximize the price on the meter.

In this case, you should be careful when you get into a taxi. Only choose reliable taxi brands such as Vinasun, Mailinh or Grab (like Uber). If possible, let’s take some pictures of the taxi’s plate or the meter and confirm to the driver about the shortest path to your destination (We highly suggest you to use Google Map and Grab). Last but not least, make sure you have arrived at the right destination before paying and getting off the car.

2. Buying things in the market

Ho Chi Minh City has the highest average salary in the country. The minimum average salary is around $456 monthly and $5.465 annually, 38% higher than the national average. But there is a world of difference if I compare this amount of number with the average salaries from developed countries. I often joke about the tourists will become millionaires when they travel to Vietnam because majority of things are very affordable, even dirt cheap. That is a common knowledge, so a bunch of shop keepers or sellers would double or triple the price to rip you off, even like a daylight robbery. Therefore, do not be shy to open a negotiation and try to bargain on everything you buy in the market in particular and on streets in general.

3. Do not leave money or valuables in your hotel/hostel

Let’s stick in your mind this tip and you had best apply it to all hotels and hostels. I have heard many sad stories about break-ins from sightseers I have met. Always keep laptop, camera, cash and so on…on your person. Better safe than sorry.

4. Do not carry any valuables in an open pocket

Suddenly, an unknown person approached and bumped into you and you think that is a very normal thing because the street is very crowded and bustling until…you realize your belongings took wing. I learned that precious lesson in my freshman year. Learn my lesson and you would not make same mistake again.

5. Let’s smile

Until now, I do not have many opportunities to travel to broaden my horizons but I know for a fact that you would always find numerous big smiles on the welcoming locals’ faces. Let’s smile because not only make this life more beautiful, but also bring you to become closer to others.

6. Socializing with the locals

 If you head towards Bui Vien Walking Street on the weekend, you would see that Vietnamese people sit on one side and foreign tourists would on the other side. One street but has two different worlds. Perhaps you came to our stunning country with your friends and just want to chill out in your limitations, but let’s think out of the box. If you want to find out why the majority of women in Vietnam desire to have a fair skin, how to say “cheers” in this country and leave Vietnam with a head full of memorable experiences…so let’s join with us, it would be “wicked” awesome.

7. Talking to other travelers

“Variety is the spice of life”. I always believe that each person will have their own stories. I do not know about your outlook but to me, I love hearing stories from all travelers I have met and would meet.

At the time you are reading this, Vietnam changed a lot, but you could completely gain precious safety travel tips from travelers on the road and every street corner. They are willing to share their unforgetable memories and lessons. Do not miss out on this great opportunity.

8. Bag-snatching thieves and pickpocketing

You had best pay attention to this crime because it can be quite dangerous, especially in some hustling and bustling places like: Markets, tourist attractions or walking streets. Thieves often drive motorbike, come up from behind and suddenly pull or snatch away your bag, camera, wallet and so on. This action could lead to a serious accident. If the victims try to hold on or pull back, they might fall on the ground. Always carry your belongings on the opposite side to the flow of traffic and do not hold your valuables on your hand for too long in open space.





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