Best Banh Mi in Saigon – 3 Places You Must Try!

The rest of the world didn’t learn about this spectacular sandwich until after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. As many southern Vietnamese emigrated to the United States, Europe and Australia, they brought recipes, including one for their iconic sandwich. As a result, if you’re eating a banh mi outside of Vietnam, you’re probably enjoying a southern-style snack: the baguettes are generally bigger and they’re crammed with more veggies and herbs, such as cilantro, carrots and hot peppers.

When I tried a banh mi in Ho Chi Minh City a few years earlier, I’d found the bread stale and the ingredients skimpy; inside was a paltry mix of a few slices of ham, a smear of pate and flaccid cilantro and carrots. I gave up after one sandwich. I’d had far better banh mi in New York City; even Minneapolis! Was I crazy? Could the banh mi outside of Vietnam actually be better?  Now back in Vietnam, I was determined to find out the truth. Would my faith in the banh mi in its homeland be restored? Is the banh mi the best sandwich in the world?

10 REASONS why you should eat “Banh Mi” in Vietnam

1. It’s the most popular street food in Viet Nam.

2. Every person from children to adult used to eat the thing that we called “Banh Mi”.

3. The bread not only gives us feeling tasty but also provides full of nutritive for each one.

4. It made from many tasty ingredients such as meats (mainly as a pork meat), vegetables, mayonnaise, sour pickled (depending on place of sale), shaomai (from Chinese dumpling , we called ”xíu mai” its so good) , paté (“Banh Mi” must have pate, without this thing, no longer to be “Banh Mi” just bread).

5. When you find street food in Vietnam, “Banh Mi” is the first choice. I make sure you won’t be regret!

6. From place to place, to every corner of street, from the small alley to the major road. You can easily find its.

7. Every place has their own recipes and taste.

8. Just try to take one bite you will feel flavors mixed with each other from all around the world created “Banh Mi Vietnam” (so Yummy, isn’t it? )

9. Very Very Cheap price, it costs you only about 75 cents.

10. 4E (Easy to use, easy to eat, easy to buy and easy to find).

Our recommendations:

1. Banh Mi Huynh Hoa (26 Le Thi Rieng, district1). Opens from 3PM-Midnight

2. Banh Mi 37 Nguyen Trai (37 Nguyen Trai, district 1). Opens from 5PM-7PM

3. Banh Mi Hoa Ma (53 Cao Thang, district 3). Opens from 7AM-10AM


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