I went to Vietnam in October and I hate Vietnam

Places I visited in October:


Ha Giang is probably on of the most beautiful mountain provinces in the northern Vietnam.

Autumn, especially October is the best time for traveling in this province.  October is the month when it witnesses the end of the wet season in Ha Giang, Vietnam. The month is now ready to experience the fall in the temperature which makes the climate quite relaxing and a soothing one.

Especially, from October to December, Ha Giang Mountains wear one of their most beautiful dresses color. The province, famous for its geological park and breathtaking mountain scenery, is covered in buckwheat flowers.


October marks the beginning of autumn- the most beautiful season in Vietnam.

This is the time when summer-time heat, humidity and heavy showers have disappeared; cool dry days make this month one of the best times to explore Hanoi’s maze-like streets and colonial buildings.

Compare to September, October’s weather is even milder since its temperature is getting more favored. Autumn and its beauty haven’t faded a bit while cooling wind blow frequently to satisfy people.

Especially at night, when you walk along Hanoi’s streets and besides its lakes, you will breathe in the beautifully sweet fragrance of milky flowers. Milky flowers are a symbol of Hanoi’s autumn. There are many songs and poems that mention their charming fragrance.


October is the best time to visit SAPA because of its striking mountainous landscapes.

Every scene in Sapa is appeared as a wonderful masterpiece of the natures, making us never get tired of looking at.

Atmosphere, temperature and humidity in October are great to explore Sapa. It is a bit chilly, not too much sunny, and dry. You can visit all of best sightseeings in Sapa and bring home very beautiful pictures.

October is also the harvesting season in Sapa. At that time, Sapa beauty is at its prime. You will see a breathtaking landscape of the golden lush terraced fields, which run along mountains and are highlighted by green forests, have become popular postcard pictures.


Legends has it that one upon a time, the God sent a family of dragons to protect a bay from invaders and you can see the unique shape of the two thousand plus islands surrounding this magical city resembles the bodies of these mythical creatures.

You would never see anything this amazing in life and I definitely recommend you adding this destination to your bucket list.

Unlike summer with unpredictable weather, Ha Long Bay in October is a different story. It offers some of the best chances of clear skies.

One of the activities is on a cruise ship to little fishing village. It is so fascinating to see how different people lived there. One of the ways locals make money is the paddle you around their turf and showed us the magic of their home. They will take you to these amazing caves. And everything was just so dreamy like a haunting scene from a romantic movie.


This place has crazy traffic with over 8.5 million scooters and best street foods.

You should not miss many attractive sites in the 1st crowded people of Vietnam: War Remnants Museum, AO Show at Opera House, Central Post Office, Ben Thanh Market and the Independence Palace.

On the city outskirts, there are also prominent attractive sites with the famous destination is the Cu Chi Tunnels where you will be guided to the tunnels system including the weapon factory, hospitals, kitchens and crawl under the tunnels.



Can Tho where is renowned for interesting floating markets, delicious foods, verdant fruits, and beautiful Buddhist pagodas as well as friendly and warm people is the main and biggest city of the Mekong River Delta. Can Tho is also well – known in the saying “Can Tho, ivory rice, clear water”. The most attractive places in Can Tho are Cai Rang Floating Market, Ninh Kieu Wharf and Bang Lang Stork Garden.

Cruising through the fascinating floating markets of Cai Rang, Cai Be, riding the bike through small local villages, along rice fields and lush orchards, visiting fishing farms, taste some tropical fruits, honey tea, local amazing foods and even drop into some local homestays to learn more about the reason of floating culture and life here.


People usually come to Da Lat in the summer to avoid the heat, but you should also try to visit Da Lat in late in October.  October comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers. The flower is also known as the features of Central Highlands because of its primitive beauty that makes it different and strongly attractive to everyone who travel to Vietnam and visit Da Lat.


October comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers. Do not forget to visit vintage and unique coffee shops and street foods here.

So you know why I went to Vietnam in October and I hate this country. Because I got jealous with everything (beautiful weather, delicisous food, friendly people and incredible lanscape)

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